How do we like so many of you,  keep our jobs going,
the time it requires  keeping a web site  going too,
If you’re like me, you have so many things to do,
finding the time to complete and publish a site is a little difficult.

With that in mind it’s nice to have the site to come home too,
And that allows us to relax,  From the day job ,
we have been working with our site over the last year or so
and I must say I really like doing this ,

Knowing I am working to help the ones that vist to our sites
and may I take the time ,to say to you and the many friends
out there" THANK  YOU" from myself and marilyn

All my waking hours are taken up thinking about this.
and I love to do it so much more than my day job thats a fact,
we have put in many many hours here,and after all this time, theres still more to do,

we dont make much money as yet. If that will change I cant say,
To tell the truth,, we would like to cover the cost,.we have no plans
to sell things our self,till, now that is we add just  just a few ads ect, 
to help, with the running cost ,. BUT!!   

I feel I must tell you my Friends
after a few years ,with them all was ok , Then this out of the blue ,
Came a email your account is disabled they say,
why  we dont know  and they will not tell you,
its took weeks taking down our sites, checking things over ect
and we are talking of weeks of hard work on our part,

Then this  from the gods at google 
Why was our account disabled? Can you tell me more about the so called invalid click activity you detected?

Google Say Because we have a need to protect our proprietary detection system, we're unable to provide our publishers with any information about their account activity, including any web pages, users, or third-partys that may have been involved.

So in a nut shell,with not and leg to stand on and they take your money ,as well disable your acount
any way my friends , be warned ok , I will jump down from my soap box now ,we are useing  tex ads on our sites from now HERE

We hope you find our sites  of  use too you,
As long as our, tips, and, how doI sites, are doing some good,
 to our many friends like you,. we will carry on,
Eddy woodland,  
PS  and it keeps me out the pub doing this  ,lol,

Some of the things I care about
The lies about global warming
are set out on the page





Sherwood Forest

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global warming

Mars global warming on mars Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says    Kate Raviliousfor National Geographic News

worth a look dont you think? 

click here



This tree is called the major oak ,Its said to be
the oldest Tree,in sherwood Forest,
As a boy I played in and on it many times
Also did the many of the Pilgrim Fathers I would think!!

The USA Started Here
       Myth or Legend   by Edwin Woodland

Scrooby,a small and quite English village in  Nottinghamshire.

Who would have thought it was once a hot bed of revolt?"
I for one would, "Just for a second think your standing in the main street of  Scrooby,    The year is 1602.AD , its july and warm your in the local pub having a drink,  you hit a button on you time switch,    And again for a second time you go back in time some years,  To say a warm july in a year about 1160.AD.                                                                                                         
Your still sanding on the same spot ,you still have your drink,    but now you could well,have found your self in that very same
Scrooby, having a drink and a chat ,
To one Robin Hood or maybe some of is Anglo-Saxon woodsmen friends that lived in scrooby,

For yes you have it now!  Scrooby that small and quite English village is in Sherwood forest,So many of the separatists that went on the mayflower, where of the same English stock as Robin and is men, 

It was Men from Scrooby initiated the emigration of the
'Pilgrim Fathers' to America in 1620 on board the Mayflower.
now I for one now fully understand how the ideas of Freedom and Liberty,came in to being,

As a man from sherwood, my self, it gives me a warm feeling as I wright this, i think the world need to know this,
Some one said who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

As for the legend of robin hood
it seems to be be ture, But maybe there where many robin hoods in sherwood,in the past
For the Anglo-Saxons in that area of England ,Where often forced to become bands of outlaws. for there own freedom and liberty,
As the Normans took all , Even the right to hunt in the woods for food,.

So it is no coincidence that many of these ideas of Freedom and Liberty,  That first took root here in England and can be traced directly back to those  Anglo-Saxons whos (descendants)Centuries later with dauntless spirit and sense of adventure ,Saled on the mayflower the 'Pilgrim Fathers'. 

Years later there offspring went on to start the usa,

Sherwood forest back then, was a part of nottinghamshire and South yourshire 

Thank you for reading

Edwin Woodland
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how can we stop
 global warming lies

Up against the warming zealots

 Martin Durkin says his

 British documentary rejecting

 the idea of human-caused global

 warming has survived a roasting 

by the ABCss

WHEN I agreed to make
The Great Global Warming Swindle,
 I was warned a middle-class fatwa
 would be placed on my head.

So I wasn't shocked that the film
 was attacked on the same night it was
 broadcast on ABC television   although
 I was impressed at the
vehemence of the attack.
 I was more surprised, and delighted
, by the response of the Australian public.
The ABC studio assault,
 led by Tony Jones, was so vitriolic
 it appears to have backfired.
We have been inundated with messages
of support, and the ABC, I am told, has
 been flooded with complaints.
I have been trying to understand why.

this is a video about global warming
 worth a look