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10 Money Saving HDTV Shopping Tips, Netflix on the PS3 - HDNation 10 Money Saving HDTV Shopping Tips, Netflix on the PS3 - HDNation
Posted by: revision3

Video duration: 1720 seconds
Global video hits: 9272

Netflix Sttraming on the PS3... Disc Required! Patrick's Top 5 Random Blu-Ray Picks, Stream Vudu HD Movies through LG's BD-390 Blu-Ray Player, Roku rolls out new HD streaming box with networking, Robert's Top 10 HDTV Shopping Tips! And the Blu-Ray releases for November 3rd, 2009.

We\ We've been on the road looking for the best money-saving tips in the country
Posted by: savingyoumoneytv

Video duration: 162 seconds
Global video hits: 2722

The people of Newcastle share their money-saving tips with Lucy and the Saving You Money TV road crew. Don't wait for the crew to get to you - send us your best tips by You Tube video response now. Or send us a text or video straight from your mobile to 60300 starting the message with the word SAVING.

Money Saving Tips for 2009 Money Saving Tips for 2009
Posted by: consumerchoices

Video duration: 144 seconds
Global video hits: 2146 show you the best ways to save money in 2009 without missing out on the fun.

Gorgeously Green : Organic Money Saving Tips Gorgeously Green : Organic Money Saving Tips
Posted by: gorgeouslygreen

Video duration: 73 seconds
Global video hits: 905

Sophie Uliano, NY Time Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green and The Gorgeously Green Diet, shows you how to shop Organic for less.

College Money-Saving Scams College Money-Saving Scams
Posted by: unclenalts

Video duration: 478 seconds
Global video hits: 6693

Free tips worth 8 minutes or your money back. How to save money, sneak into events, avoid parking tickets, hide stuff in dorms, fake IDs, use bathrooms, get discounts on cars and hotels, get into a restaurant without a reservation, get liquids on a plane, get out of some speeding tickets, save cash at a movie, and more.

Tips to saving grocery money: Bulk Food Storage Tips to saving grocery money: Bulk Food Storage
Posted by: thewheatguy

Video duration: 360 seconds
Global video hits: 24638

One of the easiest ways to stretch a grocery bill is to buy in bulk and use longer term storage. These Food Grade pails are the best I've found for doing just that. They are for sale now at our website at: SEPTEMBER 09 PRE-SHIPMENT SALE GOING ON NOW - 20% OFF Best Blessings! Donna

The best tips on how to save money on reptiles! The best tips on how to save money on reptiles!
Posted by: bellaboy44

Video duration: 288 seconds
Global video hits: 4213

DISCLAIMER: All the items in this video were purchased myself. These companies are not endorsing me in any way, nor do I have any biased reviews/purchases towards any of the products. Mainly focuses on lizards, but i do sneak a few snakes tips in. Questions? :D In this economy, we all have to be on a budget. please subsribe

Saving Silverman Scene2 - Jack Black Saving Silverman Scene2 - Jack Black
Posted by: mmenne85

Video duration: 250 seconds
Global video hits: 11246

Classic, best movie lmao.

College Success for Less Part 2- Money Saving Tip- Tuition Discounts College Success for Less Part 2- Money Saving Tip- Tuition Discounts
Posted by: billquain

Video duration: 563 seconds
Global video hits: 354

Pay less for college and get more out of school. Bill Quain, Ph.D., will show you the secret of tuition discounts. Colleges set their tuition prices high, but almost all private schools will offer a discount on tuition, room, and board. Save big money at all the best schools.

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