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Posted by: sheepfilms

Video duration: 88 seconds
Global video hits: 285723

I was under the impression that GPS was supposed to make your life easier...

The Truth About GPS: How it works The Truth About GPS: How it works
Posted by: airforcespacecommand

Video duration: 191 seconds
Global video hits: 9098

Col. David Buckman, Air Force Space Command, talks about GPS, how it works, and modernization.

Personalized GPS Personalized GPS
Posted by: TastelessChoice

Video duration: 143 seconds
Global video hits: 109028

Personalized GPS to fit your lifestyle. Note: We at Tasteless Choice apologize to anyone who we have not yet offended. We're trying our best to get to all of you.

Nokia N95 - GPS Demo Nokia N95 - GPS Demo
Posted by: experiencemobility

Video duration: 125 seconds
Global video hits: 1538787

Nokia has again set a standard for phones. This GPS demo is very cool....

How GPS Receivers Work How GPS Receivers Work
Posted by: HowStuffWorks

Video duration: 77 seconds
Global video hits: 15920

A GPS receiver uses signals from satellites to pinpoint its exact location on Earth, any time, anywhere. It can tell you where you are, where you've been, where you're going and what time you'll get there. Find out how the Global Positioning System lets you find your way around the globe.

Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS Tutorial Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS Tutorial
Posted by: blacksuniversity

Video duration: 325 seconds
Global video hits: 79990

a step by step guide on how to use the features and benifits of a Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS

Posted by: nalts

Video duration: 92 seconds
Global video hits: 105007

My GPS started copping an attitude with me because it was on PMS. Luckily I captured it on tape

Awesome Electronics Workshop LCD and GPS Awesome Electronics Workshop LCD and GPS
Posted by: makemagazine

Video duration: 315 seconds
Global video hits: 263822

Bre Pettis teams up with Hardware Hacker Joe Grand to show you how to integrate LCDs and GPS into your electronics projects. Then they put these two things together on a basic stamp and create a portable GPS tracking system and go geocaching!

Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS - behind the scenes Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS - behind the scenes
Posted by: TomTomOfficial

Video duration: 147 seconds
Global video hits: 2865285

Watch Lord Vader during the recording of his GPS voice for TomTom. NEW - YODA RECORDING Watch Yoda's recording at AUGMENTED REALITY GAME Try the Star Wars Game at and see if the Force is strong with you. STAR WARS VOICES Get Darth Vader and your favourite Star Wars GPS voices at

iPhone 3G GPS Road Test iPhone 3G GPS Road Test
Posted by: attvideolog

Video duration: 188 seconds
Global video hits: 494152

AT&T road tests the GPS ability of iPhone 3G

Case of the Technical Knockout - How Does GPS Work Case of the Technical Knockout - How Does GPS Work
Posted by: NASASciFiles

Video duration: 266 seconds
Global video hits: 31825

Fourth segment of NASA Sci Files The Case of the Technical Knockout explaining how GPS receivers work with satellites to determine an exact location. This segment explains the concept of trilateration in two and three dimensions.

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