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Mac vs PC Mac vs PC
Posted by: Peacer

Video duration: 329 seconds
Global video hits: 3590877

Inspired by Transformers, this short Visual Effects piece shows us what really goes on inside our home computers ... that's right, they're robots, and they wanna beat the f#!@ out of each other. See more at www.nickgreenlee.com

South Park Mac vs. PC South Park Mac vs. PC
Posted by: huber7

Video duration: 111 seconds
Global video hits: 16265495

Advertise here. Message me for more info and pricing. A parody of the Mac vs. PC commercials with South Park characters. Created as the final project for a multimedia production class at California State University Northridge (CSUN). There's an error in the credits: South Park studio is at www.sp-studio.de Software used for animation: Flash 8 Pro Software used for voices: Cool Edit 2000

Vegetable Oil PC Vegetable Oil PC
Posted by: johnniecarcinogen

Video duration: 231 seconds
Global video hits: 262265

Tomshardware.com's veg oil PC.

Build your own pc - step by step guide - 720p HDTV Build your own pc - step by step guide - 720p HDTV
Posted by: hardwareinfovideo

Video duration: 336 seconds
Global video hits: 64899

Step by step guide which helps you build your own PC. Visit www.hardware.info for PC news, reviews and price information. Music Kevin MacLeod

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Walkthough Trailer Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Walkthough Trailer
Posted by: EA

Video duration: 180 seconds
Global video hits: 994603

With a host of air and land vehicles and unparalleled destruction, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 delivers the ultimate all-out-war experience. In the PC Walkthrough Trailer, Producer Anders Gyllenberg gives an overview on the PC-specific features that PC gamers can look forward to on release.

Eee keyboard PC Eee keyboard PC
Posted by: stevechippy

Video duration: 298 seconds
Global video hits: 179554

www.umpcportal.com The ASUS keyboard PC. Full netbook specs built into a keyboard with 5" touchscreen.

Resident Evil 5 (PC) Review Resident Evil 5 (PC) Review
Posted by: IGNentertainment

Video duration: 154 seconds
Global video hits: 522459

Can the PC survive the latest chapter of the survival horror franchise?

Stick man vs pc mouse Stick man vs pc mouse
Posted by: efsane1984

Video duration: 121 seconds
Global video hits: 890115

Its not a game!!!! i download this Video and i dont know who make this...

Cry-Engine 3 for PC (First Time: Ati Eyefinity) Cry-Engine 3 for PC (First Time: Ati Eyefinity)
Posted by: PCGamesHardware

Video duration: 277 seconds
Global video hits: 367054

Cryteks Carl Jones shows Cry-Engine 3 for PC with Ati Eyefinity running on three monitors showing graphical gorgeousness in Triple-Full HD!

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