How To Talk Tech -For Engineering Students

Saturday, March 30, 2019
If you're new to the field, difficulty could be, well, technical. We break it down so you can keep calm and code on.

How To Talk Tech for engineers

Let's start at the start. Coding (A.K.A programming) is how you tell your computer what to do. The result is software-like anapp or a site. Sites such as and help you practice. Then you can put workonline or, if it's an app, submit it to Apple or Google for a greenlight.

When you check Instagram, you see the front-end styling of Insta. The back end makes sure, for example, that you can login by checking your password against a database. Basically, the front end is Gigi Hadid's glam squad, and the back end is the assistant who booked the studio. Both talents are in demand.
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you've-used Google Docs, that's how open-source code works. Using, many people can contribute to a project, accepting or rejecting changes from others. You'll learn, join a community, and show off your skills to potential employers.

You'd use English to find your way around cities, right? Well, programming languages also have a specific purpose. You'd use Swift to write code for iOS (like the iPhone) and JavaScript, Python, or Ruby to build websites or web apps.

A buzzword for the one-metric-crap-ton of data piling up in this information age. It includes every nugget imaginable (yes including the factoids companies collect about you). The challenge for developers is turning this mass and variety of data into something usable.

This is exactly like that time you wrote. In the coding world, versioning keeps track of each change- helpful when you need to go back to see where you screwed up. Many coders save these changes through a system called Git and the website

Framework is to coding as acronyms are to texting-they create shortcuts so you don't have to write thousands of lines of code in order to do something. Most developers will use existing frameworks like Angular or Ember in their projects but you can write your own framework. (and do not confuse with a wireframe, which is a rough sketch of a website.)

It sounds so verse, but the cloud is like a series of storage units, filled with data instead of skiing equipment. Rather than hanging out on your computer, files in the cloud go to a 'server farm-a building with lots of servers in it. Some companies have their own farms, and others share space.

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