is Microsoft scrapping its edge browser?

Friday, January 04, 2019
microsoft edge browser

Here's the joke: the only thing Microsoft Edge is good for is downloading Chrome. Bundled with Windows 10- so you've got it whether you want it or not - Microsoft Edge hasn't captured many hearts. Now, a well-placed insider says the
unloved browser's Edge HTML code is facing the chopping block.

The company is reportedly working on a new browser codenamed Anaheim, based on Google Chromium - the same code that runs rival Chrome. Eagle-eyed Microsoft watchers will note this with some irony because adverts for Edge have
long touted its speed and battery efficiency over Google's popular but sluggish browser.

Edge aficionados may lament its passing but the switch will bring browsing on-par with Chrome, which, despite some glaring flaws, offers a more consistent and reliable experience not least because it's the go-to browser for developers and
testers. All too frequently, users find websites act differently (or not at all) in Edge, and the browser is frequently criticized for its instability.

It's not known whether Microsoft will keep the current interface - all bets are off since it ditched the universally recognized Internet Explorer. However, Edge on Android and OS run on platform-specific rendering engines and are vastly better as a result. Could we expect something similar for desktops?