You Also Use a Password Like This, Be Careful

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You also use a password like this, be careful, Hackers eyes on these...
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Hackers eyes are on your password. You should keep changing your password at some intervals of a few days and months. So that all your personal documents and online passwords are safe. Actually, with technology, thieves and hackers are also getting advanced. Therefore, you should be careful when creating a password. Otherwise,  In just one click, they can steal your data, private and confidential documents, along with your required documents. This year a list of world's worst password has been released. These passwords can be easily hacked. So if you use a password like this then change it immediately. Otherwise, your personal data can be in the hands of a hacker.

Password management company Splash ID released a list of 100 such passwords this year, which can easily be hacked. At the top of these bad passwords are '123456'. The second worst password is 'password',  these passwords can easily be hacked. Both of these passwords are at the top. Security researchers have been constantly warning about the password. In spite of this, millions of people around the world are keeping vulnerable and easy-to-locate passwords to protect their e-mails, smartphones, laptops, computers, and other devices.

In the list of these passwords, 123456789 is at the third number after 123456 and 'password'. 12345678 on the fourth, 12345 on the fifth, 111111 at the sixth number, 1234567 on the seventh number. In addition, the list of the worst passwords are - sunshine, qwerty, iloveyou, princess, admin, welcome, 666666, abc123, football, 123123, monkey, 654321,! Cybersecurity firm has advised that users should use different passwords for different logins. If the hackers get a password, then they will not be able to interfere in your other e-mails, Devices.
You Also Use a Password Like This, Be Careful,easy to remember password generator strong passwords ideas password generator words password ideas list how to prevent hacking how to avoid being hacked on facebook how to prevent password attacks how to prevent hacking in business solutions to prevent hacking what are the steps to avoid getting hacked how to prevent getting hacked on instagram password attack methods Page navigation