Fifteen Percent Of Employment Opportunities Will Increase In 2019

Sunday, December 02, 2018
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According to India Skill Report Fifteen Percent Of Employment Opportunities Will Increase In 2019.
India Skill Report Says Fifteen Percent Of Employment Opportunities Will Increase In 2019
There is good news for Indian youth. The next year, in 2019, employment opportunities are expected to increase by about fifteen percent. This possibility  is announced by CII-AICTE  on Saturday in the India Skills Report 2019 

It has also been said in the report that the Indian youth class is more interested in working in Freelance or Gig (working together on contract projects in four to five companies) rather than permanent jobs. According to the report, Indian youth are working in a quarter gig around the world.

engineering jobs in 2019
H.R. Technology Pipelas Strong and Online Talent Assessment Company, Wexx has prepared this report after conducting the survey on 2.5 million students in 29 states and seven union territories. According to the report, in 2019, the highest employment growth of the last three years will be increased.

For the first time in three years in the technological sector, the probability of becoming a large-scale employment opportunity is responsible for the first time. According to the report, engineering is still one of the highest job areas in the world, including India. In Engineering the most demanding of students will be for software, hardware, manufacturing, BFSI engineers.

UP is #1 in skill-based training

According to the report, Uttar Pradesh is number one in connecting youth with employment. Due to skill-based training that has been received by the youth in UP, it has been considered at the forefront, while  Delhi is second and Andhra Pradesh is at number three. Available employment opportunities will be in the top three states Delhi, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

the figure is Growing 

-33.95% of Indian youth were eligible for employment in 2014

-This figure has increased to 47.38 percent, to 2019

-47.3  million is the Number of Indian trained workers for 2019 

-It is estimated to reach up to 60 million by the year 2022

-27 percent of Indian women work in the whole world, inside India, this figure is 25 percent

67 percent of rural and 68.3 percent of urban Indian graduates are unemployed.

The girls are leading in these areas 

 program                    Participant in Programmes(%)
  BA                                    80.22
  BCom                               70.02
  BSc                                   69.47
  B pharma                        65.02
  BBA                                  51.76
  BTech                               44.4

Field wise Employment

Program             Year 2014(%)         Year 2019(%)
B Tech                  51.74                  57.09
MBA                      41.02                  36.44
B pharma             54.65                  36.29
BA                        19.10                   29.03
Bcom                    26.99                  30.06
BSc                       41.66                  47.37
MCA                     43.62                  43.19
ITI                         46.92                -
Polytechnic         11.53                 18.54


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