How To Trend Video On Youtube #1

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     Nowadays, people spent most of the time watching YouTube videos. Large number of people appeared on the YouTube channel and making videos. Every day up to 50 videos on YouTube are seen  in the trending category.

social media   Trending means that the video is being viewed very well.In such a case it is very important for a you tube that its video will be included in the trending video. So let us tell you how to make video trends #1 on YouTube today.

Video Description

 Many YouTube channels write a description.Write the full description and write in Hindi-English both containing trending keywords in it. Try to write at least  300 words in the description. Also add a link to your other popular videos and a link to the channel in the description in addition to subscribe to the channel.
youtube trending videos #1

Enter tags and keywords

More and more people will see your video when trading keywords and tags are placed in the video. Therefore, whenever you upload a video on YouTube, then enter the treading  keyword  and tags. Start the keyword like this. Like how to book a mi phone, then use mi Phone and mi keywords.Also Use the keywords in the title of the video. See twitter trends for trending keywords.
youtube trending #1

Thumbnail of video

To make the video viral, its thumbnail (the photo that appears before the video starts) is to be interesting, because seeing  thumbnails, you and we click on a video. Always create thumbnails that attract users to click and view.
how to trend video on youtube #1

Social media sharing

  Anything will be viral through social media,So join some big social media plateeform and groups and upload videos to YouTube as well as share it on social media. Also use the trending hashtags when sharing.
how to rank on youtube

Say like ,share and  subscribe always at the end of the video.

There are many YouTube people who like to speak, comment, subscribe and share at the beginning of the video. In such a situation, people  irritated and do not even see the video. Say like ,share and  subscribe always at the end of the video.