Beauty Tips : 5 benefit of clay

"With an increasing number of clay product flooding the beauty market it is imperative that you find out about the numerous benefit of clay and zero down on the variety best suited for your skin type"
benifits of clay

Green clay: 

T his is extracted from Volcanic rocks and contain minerals which purify and detoxify your skin. It regulate sebum production in your skin, it is perfect for oily or combination skin as it renders to tightening of pores which prevents breakouts and formation of blackheads. 

Red clay :

 Red clay has been used in beauty remedies since ancient time and is extremely beneficial to your skin. It suits all skin types. Red clay is known to curb skin irritation puffiness, around the eyes and redness. It events out skin texture by controlling pigmentation and brightness your complexion. Furthermore, it's also improve your hair texture as it lands at some silk and Shine. Lastly,Red clay dense your hair 

Purple clay:

 This clay is especially beneficial for people with dull and tired skin. Purple clay immediately rejuvenated the skin and adds a Glow to it. Purple clay can also be used as a pigment in makeup. It smoothness the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple 

White clay : 

 White clay hoards mineral salts and kaolin.. This is beneficial to damaged skin as the ingredients are known to act as repairing agent leaving the skin cleaner and smoother. It not only reduces acne and pimples but also diminishes y acne scars. It is suitable for all skin types. it restores Bounce and shine back into dry and damaged hair to. 

Blue clay :

 Blue clay is rare and bit Costly. However, it  cleans skin deeply. it is known for its anti-pollution properties.It generates both your skin and hair leaving them feel fresh and clean.Thus, go ahead and choose a clay which would suit your skin and hair type.

First use the product and feel differences.