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I had almost given up the search for the perfect trench coat. So many of them are boxy and fit me like a garbage bag. This coat is snug fitting, however. It is maybe a little too snug under the arms (I ordered an extra small). It looks great open but I can still button it up. It is not too long either. I am 5'4" and it comes to right above my knees. I really like the classic styling too. It won't go out of style any time soon. It is the perfect khaki color. The material is not cheap feeling but it isn't too heavy either which is good for me because I live in the South. I haven't worn it in the rain yet, but I imagine it does a decent job of keeping you dry. I am very happy with this coat.

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THE DOORS, first released in January 1967, is one of rock music's most famous debuts. It hit #2 in Billboard®, and delivered the #1 signature smash "Light My Fire" plus "Break On Through," "The Crystal Ship," and "The End." In-depth essay by Ben Fong-Torres (a principal Rolling Stone writer during the Doors heyday). Three bonus tracks include alternate takes of "Moonlight Drive" and a previously unissued version of "Indian Summer."

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The Very Best of the Doors [US Version]

Rhino’s celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Doors spectacular 1967 debut continues to break on through with an unprecedented two-disc, career-spanning collection that spotlights the legendary band’s powerful mix of music and mysticism. The most comprehensive 2-CD Doors set ever compiled, the anthology presents dramatic new 40 Anniversary mixes by the remaining Doors and Bruce Botnick, the band’s original engineer and producer. Drawing essential hits and favorites from all six studio album recorded by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore, the title also features several songs previously unavailable on any U.S. compilation as well as choice rarities from various sources.

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French Door treatments involve each simple and decorative methods to match the furniture and drapery within the room. They also vary for interior and exterior doors. The vivid assortment could be understood with examples including Cafe curtains and jabots. The former consists of brief curtains hanging from a rod giving a casual look, while the latter consists of fabric hanging in cascades along the door sides. Lambrequins are bigger cornice pieces which form a total frame for the door, and are identified in formal interiors. Read the rest of this entry »
Keeping warm over the winter can frequently be a struggle, particularly when you're trying to save money on rising energy bills! Individuals are turning to more cost effective ways such as adding in soft furnishings which are likely to reduce draughts like net curtains and door curtains to help with their battle against the cold. Another great way to keep warm is by relaxing under a blanket on cooler nights instead of popping on the central heating. Read the rest of this entry »
A garage door is known as a large door on a garage that can ordinarily be opened manually or automatically. Investing in a garage door which is durable and dependable is terribly important simply because it acts as a defense for your car?s home. Read the rest of this entry »
Whether in an inner city apartment or a rustic retreat out in the rural countryside, there is no better choice of finish under a person's feet than solid wood flooring. The gentle, homespun nature of bare floor boards on the ground ports people back in time to a simpler, happier time when they spent hours in the countryside shooting, hunting and fishing, miles away from the rat race of modern life. Read the rest of this entry »