What was life before without science and technology?

What was life before without science and technology?

Staring Down The Telescope to The Past

It can be overwhelming, in this enlightened age of science and technology, to even imagine life before these wondrous advancements took place. Picture it for a moment though, folks! Imagine a world without your smartphone's welcoming glow, a world where Max, my border collie, couldn't fetch digital treats on a touch screen app, and Ziggy, my parakeet, would have nothing to cheep angrily at except people and, perhaps, other less technologically advanced birds. It's a daunting thought, to be sure, but have no fear - we are going on an entertaining (and mildly terrifying) journey back in time to discover what life was like before science and technology brought us these comforts that we cherish today.

Nightfall without Netflix? - Tales from the Pre-digital Era

Once upon a time, not so long ago and yet an eternity for my tech-savvy brain to grasp, the sun would set without the promise of a Netflix series to binge-watch. Does a shiver just run down your spine or is it just mine? The horror! People had different ways to spend their time. They'd weave stories around crackling fires, play musical instruments without an 'autoplay' function, and heavens, humans even danced to celebrate the end of a day. Imagine doing a merry jig after a day of tending to crops, without the luxury of electronically recorded music to guide your steps!

Stored Memory - A Love Letter to Libraries

Prior to the Google goddess generously gifting us with her endless wisdom at the command of our fingertips, people held wisdom in their hands - quite literally. Libraries, my dear reader, were the data centers of the old world. They nurtured knowledge in their sprawling shelves, and each book was a gateway to another reality. People would gather, trading soft whispers, lost in the labyrinth of ink and paper. No Kindle could mimic the romance of turning the aged pages of a priceless tome, its yellowed paper filled with the scent of history.

Ink & Quill - An Ancestor to Texting

Ever tried writing a letter, not on your laptop, but actually scripting it out with pen and paper? It's an art in silence, my friends. Long, thoughtful letters dipped in emotion and tendered with love, affection, or even a touch of anger. Remember, there were no 'delete', 'backspace' or 'autocorrect' options available. Every word penned was from the heart and carried weight. Something to think about as you send a passive-aggressive email to your colleagues, wouldn't you say?

Walkie-Talkies, Pigeon-Post - The Ancient Art of Keeping in Touch

Think about this - the sheer joy of receiving a letter, a physical testament to someone's affection or anticipation of a loved one's return, waiting, perhaps impatiently, by the door for that familiar chirp of the carrier pigeon - that was communication before the days of emoji wars and voice notes. The telegram played a significant role in messaging too. Dear old Sammy Morse, without an iota of an idea about WhatsApp, designed one of the most efficient systems of long-distance communication carried out via Morse code - dots, dashes, and silences speaking volumes!

Into the Wild - Travelling before GPS

Before Google Maps spoiled us with turn-by-turn navigation and Waze became the unofficial road trip companion, people had to navigate the old-fashioned way. I'm talking about maps, the tangible, hold in your hands kind, that refused to fold back into their original shape! Compasses directed not by a rosy, digital assistant voice, but by the static silence of magnetic forces. There was a thrill to it - marking your route, getting lost, then discovering a new route, often stumbling upon neighbourhoods and sights you'd have bypassed otherwise.

Fireflies vs Floodlights: The Romance of a Lesser-Lit Life

Before the city lights stole the night and hid the stars, an evening would be lit by the humble firefly, lanterns and candles. The moon was a respectful companion, bathing the earth in a gentle ethereal glow. In today's neon reality, it's hard even to imagine a world so simply illuminated. Sure, it's convenient to switch on a light bulb, but the simplicity of lighting a lantern has an underrated charm, wouldn't you say?

In essence, life before science and tech wasn't necessarily worse, just different. It was a time of patience and tangible connections. I can't help but smile at the irony of writing about a world pre-technology using a device that was birthed from it. Makes you appreciate progress, doesn't it? But equally, it's a reminder to sometimes put the tech down and have a good ol' fashioned experience. Maybe I'll teach Max to play fetch without a touch screen, or read Ziggy a book printed on honest-to-goodness paper. Who knows, maybe we all need a sprinkle of pre-tech simplicity.

Jul, 31 2023