Your Questions About Online Shopping

Sandra asks…

online shopping?

I just bought a shirt off the internet and Im just wondering about online shopping.

have you ever bought anything online? what was it and did the delivery and everything go okay?

admin answers:

I have bought many, many things over the internet and never had a problem. Delivery will depend on what site you bought it from. I’ve had it take as long as 3-4 weeks for delivery, and I’ve had it take as little as 3 days. I have bought shoes, skirts, tops, swim suits, makeup, jewelry, perfume, all my Christmas presents last year……never had an issue.

Richard asks…

Online shopping?

is online shopping good & safe ?
have you ever been ripped off ;
can you use a debit card to pay for stuff ?
Any bad sites for example, cameras or phones ?

admin answers:

I dnt recommened this last month my mom got something on line and we didnt know this but a hacker was on our computer and got her info and got some stuff with her number lucky she caught it in time and they didnt buy alot of stuff with it but since then we dnt evn check our banks online but to me its not safe

Ruth asks…

Online Shopping?

Would you recomment online shopping for underwear? I don’t really feel comfortable going to a store to get some underwear. Whats a good site that specializes in undies?

admin answers:

You can get great men’s undies (boxer-briefs are hot) at any major department store website.

Nancy asks…

ONLINE shopping?!?

what are some of the better websites to go shopping online?! any suggestions? I just recently made my first online purchase for valentines day this year and was just wondering what sites other people have shopped off of and gotten good products/results! thanks!

admin answers:

There amazon. E-bay but i’m not sure if it really safe as they say it is. And the retail wesite. Plus it depend on what you are looking for and planning to buy.

Jenny asks…

OnLine ShoppiNg?

If I want to buy an unlocked cellphone, where should I shop online that is trustable, no hacking, and it is honest? I am planning to buy Nokia N80. I will use a credit card. Thnks.

admin answers:


You can buy at e-bay or amazon that will e good, but you can also look for the local dealer or stores.

John asks…


HI I have found a new website online I would like to order some things from them but I would like to know has anyone ever shopped from them or heard of them…. ?!?!
they seen so popular and they pop up as the 1st site when searching on google……
they accept paypal do you think its safe to shop from them ??


admin answers:

Be careful! The company is located in China, they are selling fakes of brand name items. The products may not even make it through customs since it is illegal to import them. And if you do get them and are not satisfied, you’re gonna have one hell of a time trying to get your money back…


Note: in the past I have been falsely reported for posting commercial spam when I posted a whois link, so I officially declare this: whois.domaintools is nothing but a website which helps consumers research a company’s background, my answer is NOT spam!

Lisa asks…

How to find the best online shopping mall in singapore ?

I am looking for the best and reliable shopping mall or shop in Singapore. I like online shopping but don’t know where should i go ?

admin answers:

There are lots of online shopping malls in Singapore but i think Icloudcity is one of the best one. I have a good shopping experience from there. So i can suggest you to all for the same place.

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