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Household budget Household budget
Posted by: AlejandroFuentesBerg

Video duration: 209 seconds
Global video hits: 435

Monkey talks about the importance of keeping a household budget.

Credit Card Debt Management Help - Household Budget + More Credit Card Debt Management Help - Household Budget + More
Posted by: budget4life

Video duration: 377 seconds
Global video hits: 981

An overview of the Budget 4 life Credit Debt Management system. Learn about a progressive financial plan for our changing economy. For more information visit our credit card debt relief website www.mybudget4life.co m Thank you, Mike Brady Budget4life

Household Budget Household Budget
Posted by: ClearpointCCS

Video duration: 60 seconds
Global video hits: 118

Here are some tips from ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions about how to make the most of your household budget.

Mommy\ Mommy's Minute - Planning A Household Budget
Posted by: pregnantshow

Video duration: 56 seconds
Global video hits: 1937

Learn how to plan a household budget whether you decide to become a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. Visit www.ThePregnancyShow .com

Excel Magic Trick 642: SUMIFS function or PivotTable For Household Budget Summary Table Excel Magic Trick 642: SUMIFS function or PivotTable For Household Budget Summary Table
Posted by: ExcelIsFun

Video duration: 806 seconds
Global video hits: 1580

See how to create a budget summary table that adds by Month and Payee. See the benefits and drawbacks of the SUMIFS & EOMONTH functions method or the PivotTable method. Also learn about the Excel Table feature for adding dynamic ranges.

Stretching the household budget with horse manure. Stretching the household budget with horse manure.
Posted by: whiteoakattic

Video duration: 42 seconds
Global video hits: 177

Horses = manure producing factory. Bad economy = short on funding. Horses + bad economy = turning horse manure into an asset. When life gives you lemons make lemonade, if it gives you horse manure, make fertilizer for a garden and a barter product.

Household Budget.avi Household Budget.avi
Posted by: UnderstandWebsites

Video duration: 404 seconds
Global video hits: 131

Household Budget Worksheet tutorial for free spreadsheet program available for download from www.understandwebsit es.com. This tutorial shows how to use the household budget worksheet to successfully get control of your family finances. Easy to use, simple, and free, this tutorial will help even the most profligate spenders change their ways!

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